Seeing the Rheumatologist for the first time

Weeks later, we showed up at the Rheumatologist’s room (I shall call him Dr. A) with JL. Dr. A examined JL’s joints. A nurse was holding on to a pen and paper with a human body printed on it. Dr. A uttered some code names (“S1L1”) as he moves from joint to joint, and the nurse carefully marked those codes down on the human body print on paper.

Dr. A confirmed that JL is suffering from JIA. He handed us some information on what JIA is about and we were asked to start him on Indomethacin to bring down his inflammation. He will review him in 2 weeks time and we were also given the clinic’s number in case we needed help after the visit.

The days that followed were not too good. The pain in his legs didn’t go away and on top of that, JL started complaining of stomach pain everyday so we stopped giving him that medication after a few days.

In the 2nd review, JL was asked to stop Indomethacin and was put on high doses of ibuprofen to bring down the inflammation on his knees. He was also scheduled for a day surgery to inject steroid into his knees to reduce the swelling.


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