Discovering what JIA was.

Like all young children, JL was a very active toddler who loves to be around people, runs around, climbs like a monkey and was mostly happy.

Back in year 2014, when he was 4 years old, he started complaining of leg pain. At first, we thought that he had sprained his leg, brought him to a General Practitioner (GP) and was told that he looked fine as the pain had went away.

Days later, we started hearing him complain again about leg pain. Sometimes, it was on his knees, and at times, at his ankles. Pain was occurring more often, from every few days to every single day. Something wasn’t quite right we thought as we saw him limping on some nights.

One night, he was hurting so badly in his right arm that he screamed and cried when he was about to go to bed. The screaming was so bad that we had to drive him to the hospital during midnight.

It was a long wait at the hospital. He was asked to go for a blood test and given a dose of ibuprofen for the pain. Hours later, the attending doctor examined his arm and called in a senior doctor for further examination. Referring to his blood test results, the senior doctor suspected that he is showing signs of having Juvenile Arthritis and referred him for an appointment to see a Rheumatologist in the hospital.

Juvenile Arthritis? What is that? My husband and I started reading up information on the internet and were not certain what it was or maybe we were in denial that he is actually sick.



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